We're all in it together?

I was asked to go on a recent trade union march with some friends to add music to the singing. It was a strange event for me as I arrived not really agreeing with the march. Cuts have to be made in this country and many others to protect our futures. Along the march a trumpet player joined in with us. He told us he was a music teacher in Rugby, and that most government instrument music teaching is to be cut in Rugby. The organization I was marching with were protesting against legal aid being cut. That evening I went to a friends birthday party where I spoke to someone who would not be touched by the cuts. He was middle class and wealthy and did not understand why anyone would disagree with cuts. I've come to the conclusion that we should all protest against the way this world is set up. The wealthy stay rich and as each country has to pay it's debts back the poor get poorer.

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