Tour Blog - Atlanta

The final gig was in Atlanta where the weather could not have felt any different. The heat in Las Vegas was like having a hair dryer bow in your face all the time. The temperature in Atlanta was like standing in a steamy shower room. If I had to choose it would be the former, Atlanta's weather was exhausting.  Above are pictures of the fab group Wang Chung who were on the same bill. I really enjoyed the're set plus they were lovely people. As you can see the venue was yet again a lovely open air amphitheatre.

Above and below are some of the friends I made on the tour. Below is ABC's sound engineer Herman Leijte (we don't normally hold hands I made him!) Herman was an amazing sound engineer who made sure band sounded great out front but he also made sure our monitors sounded great. He was able to pick out frequencies within each of our monitors by calling out numbers that applied to that frequency. Herman was from Australia but had lived in America for many years he was great fun to be around but he also worked very hard. Talking of which above on the right is a picture of our driver Sam. He too worked so hard and yet was always really upbeat. The above middle picture was of Gavin Menzies our guitar tech. he too did a great job and was really fun. As I said before this was the last gig on the tour which ended in a wicked party followed by a very hung over flight home but it was all worth it.


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