Tour Blog - Las Vegas

Las Vegas Baby! Well ........ it was interesting!. I've never been before but I always thought, why would you go somewhere in the middle of a desert to see the Eiffel Tower or a copy of an Italian styled building?. I soon realised it's not about that. People that go to Vegas go to gamble and live in a make believe world for as long as they can afford it. We were playing at a beautiful  new hotel called the M Resort. After the gig we were given a couple of days off so as you can see from the picture below I made use of the pool area!.The picture at the bottom is of me doing somme practice in the hotel, it's not very interesting and I don't know why I've included it but there we go! The next and last gig was in Atlanta which mean't we relaxed in LV  and then got a 'Red Eye' flight to Atlanta.

I always wondered why the flights were called  red eye flights in films. The simple reason is, if you fly from the west coast at night let's say leaving LV at 10pm and arrive on the east coast in Atlanta your watch needs to be taken forward so you're losing hours. The flight was about five hours plus you lose about 5 hours. This means you arrive on the east coast and it's early morning. Meaning unless you slept on the plane you will, like I did, have red eyes. Below you can see my blurring shot of a very early Atlanta airport. I also include a shot (I need to get out more!) of this rapid charger which I saw in LV airport. It has an adaptor for laptops, phones, ipods etc. If you need to charge up quick you pay a small amount and plug in, so clever!


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