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I'm currently in Boston rehearsing for the start of a tour with the 80's group ABC. I thought I'd try and keep a short blog on the fourthcoming events (good and bad!). I have a great camera on my phone so I'm going to try and post plenty of pictures. We started out at Heathrow, hence the long escalator pic which kind of sums up air travel for me, long! When you arrive in America you have to go through Homeland Security. This is never fun for anyone but I do find that they always like to get to know me a little better! This normally involves me being held back for an hour or two. As it turned out they held myself and my good friend Andy Carr. I had a 'one to one' chat with one of the dudes and Andy had his bags re-packed! However all the hassle was worth it as Boston is beautiful. I woke on the 1st day at 5am which is really 10am UK time. I started this blog and then went for a walk. As you can see from the picture the streets are really interesting, they have an 'old English' feel and look to them which could be one of the 'blondest' statements I'm going to make today considering the English founded the place! Later that day I had to start rehearsing which was cool but I did start to feel really tired by 5pm. I've included pictures of the 'arty' guitars which were on the walls in the studios. Boston is a very artistic city and the people love to show this. After the rehearsal I found an amazing pizza place called Pizza Riaregina. I have to say I had forgotten what real pizza tastes like after the uniformity of the pizza resturants we have on offer in the UK. I may start a campaign against them.

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