R.I.P Mr Brecker

michael-brecker-im01As you probably know Michael Brecker died last Sunday. I read an interesting article pointing out that it's hard to find a Sax player of my generation not showing an influence of Michael's playing. This I totally agree with, whilst he was not my main influence it is impossible not to admire and love something about each aspect of his playing. It is also a sad reflection on the mainstream media in this country to show such little interest, hence coverage of this man's influence in music.

Unfortunatly it shows that we are offered a very 'middle of the road’ spectrum of what we are allowed to view and hear. Kylie M has a concert cancelled and it makes nearly every paper's front page, Brecker dies and you have to hunt for news.

You may be reading this saying, “Well he plays Sax, he’s bound to say that” The point is, if you don’t inform people they have no chance to learn. Thank you for your wonderful music Michael.

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