Japan - 2016

      I had the pleasure of travelling to Osaka and Tokyo in Janaury this year playing at the Billboard clubs with ABC. I've never been to Japan before so I was really looking forward to it. It definitely did not dissapoint. It's a strange thing for me travelling. People obviously think it's glamourous but I'm not so sure. Flying is mostly like a job itself nowadays with all the security precautions at the airport plus unless you are a fan of sitting in a fragil tube at 30,000 feet it's not really what I would class as enjoyable. However it's a necessity to get to these places so on I go!


    Many countries can seem way to familar to the UK, basically it's just another capitalist based country or city. However Japan is DIFFERENT! Yes it's still based on capatailism but the culture is very different to many others. People are very respectful to each other. Obvioulsy as a western vistor I don't get to experience the true Japan but I do like what I see. It certainly made London feel very agressive when I returned. Everything is done to perfection and it's not annoying. I will give you an example.

                  When I arrived at the Billboard club in Osaka the gear had been ordered in for the band by the managment passing on the Carne to the Japense. I had decided to try Flute on a tune as a last minute descion. A Flute stand had not been pre-ordered bythe UK so obviously there wasn't one at the club in Osaka. I made no fuss about this or mention it to ABC's managment. When I arrived at the club 2 days later in Tokyo a Flute stand was on stage. The point being that the people at the club just took it upon themselves to sort it. I didn't mention it. You get where I'm coming from, very efficient!




    As you can tell from the above video there are a lot of people in Tokyo. 35 million people! I can't get my head around the number. Also people in Japan still buy records! I spent over an hour in the Jazz department of Tower Records! Seriously it was heaven and make me realize how much we have lost with the downloads. I really worry about the future of the music industry.





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