Gordon Ramsey where are you?

Below is a video taken from a concert I performed at with Randolph Matthews and Fergus Gerrand on Monday 19th August. It was the first time we had all performed together and unfortunately due to everyone being busy we only managed to get a short rehearsal that afternoon. The concert was at an interesting little theatre called the Colour House Theatre in a place called Abbey Mills in south London. Abbey Mills strikes me as an oasis of business and restaurants surrounded by the corporate world. (PIzza Hut, Cine World etc) However being a Monday night the oasis worked a bit too well, we ended up playing to a handful of people which was disappointing. After the rehearsal we ate in an Italian restaurant  on the site of Abbey Mills which I had seen years ago featured rather unfortunately on a Gordon Ramsey show. You know the one where he turns up at a restaurant  and makes everything better (oh the power of TV and massive programme budgets)?  Well it wasn't better it had reverted back to it's original state. It's no ones fault in my opinion people do as best as they think they can however it made me think that these tv shows just come along plough loads of money, expert knowledge and that confetti esc styling to a place and then move on. It makes good tv but does it help the people it's meant to help in the long term? The restaurant was massive and empty and didn't have much available from the menu. You don't need a TV show to understand that all of these points need looking at. I guess you could say the same about the low attendance of our concert then? I'd better call Gordon!


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