1st June 2013

It's taken me an embarrassingly long time to get around to writing this. In March I travelled Bangkok in Thailand to perform a concert with various artists. It was a long way to travel to play one concert and therefore hard work. However I did get a morning free where I took a river boat to the floating market in Bangkok. A lot of the river boats are thin vessels with shallow bottoms and very powerful ex Vietnam war, American jeep engines. All this resulted in a very interesting journey to say the least. These things are seriously over powered.


  I didn't expect Bangkok to have so many small water ways within the city. I did have to be careful not to swallow the very dodgy looking river water however! I'm pretty sure EVERYTHING gets dumped into the river. We were being taken to a floating market away from the main river. The market was surrounded by overhead roads and railways which looked like something out of a Mad Max film. It was in a fascinating area which you can see on the video below. Although it did dawn on me at this point that we were not the only tourists that get brought here. The place was busy!


 Once on "dry land" I found the floating market fascinating; the below video shows a traditional Thai music club which seemed to me to be there to entertain the workers in the market as well as us tourists. They didn't really seem interested in being tipped (at least I think not). I have no idea as to the name of the instrument the chap in the video is playing but I liked it (I think I liked it).


  Every nook and cranny was filled with a floating restaurantno room for anyone to sit on the tiny food prep boats so the meals were passed up onto a larger restaurant style area. Very well put together I thought. Anyway all of this didn't last long and sadly we had to return to the hotel to prepare to fly home. Below is a little clip of what I was up to at the gig the night before. On this gig I play some keyboards, sax and back up vocals which is enjoyable as it's very different from playing sax all the way through a concert.

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