Recently flew over to Dubai to play a concert which was a short but much needed relief from the British weather. This winter in the UK has definitely been one of the longest, wettest and coldest. It's really started to get me down. So 3 days in Dubai ought to fix it? I have to confess I have never had a strong desire to visit Dubai due to the massive amount of money spent on a city that really hasn't been thought out. The place has had so much money invested into it and yet is so characterless because of it. The amount of fuel based energy used per person in Dubai is larger than any person in any other city in the world. Lots of air con basically! I did see a very interesting programme on my return to the UK which was about a smaller town outside of Dubai which has been designed in a more Eco friendly way. The buildings and apartments were built so that each floor shadowed the floor below to block out the sun. The streets were narrow so that the sun light could not glare down onto you, also air vents were feeding fresh air mixed with water spray (not air con)  down from the top of the buildings to street level to keep the streets cool. Dubai as you may have guessed has not gone for this. Everything is indoors and air conned to death. Anyways the concert went well and I returned to a cold London town, I now understand why people go there for short trips to recharge their vit D count. The pic below is from the concert.

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