ABC with Orchestra




December brought a fantastic gig with ABC and the Southbank Sinfonia playing the Lexicon Of Love on it's 30th anniversary. I had the pleasure of playing the gig at the very old and interesting Drury Lane theatre. The concert sold out on the day of sale so I hope we get to do some more as it's an amazing sound. Playing with an orchestra always brings about it's own idiosyncrasys as an orchestra is used to following the conductor. This can clash with a band as the musicians in a band always follow the drums. Anne Dudley was conducting the orchestra and made the joining toegther of two different styles seamless.


             Martin Fry put in a fantastic performance which had the audience both on their feet swaying but also listening intently. I guess the thing about reliving an old favourite album for some people is that the music is known so well by the audience that they sometimes know it better than the musicians!


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