Proved wrong.


   The above video is me performing with Wang Chang on a track called 'Dance Hall Days', the solo is a bit high and screechy for my liking but it's the only footage I have of the gig.  Jack and Nick are fab guys who have written some great tunes, for more info on Wang Chung click here.

           So on my 19th June blog (below) I wrote about how I was not looking forward to the Olympics and how I thought it was going to be a nightmare when it came to getting around London. Post Olympics I have to say I was happily proved wrong. London Transport were excellent with their information, sending out emails every day informing everyone of where to avoid etc. One of my main problems with hosting the games was that the money could be better spent on going towards the athletes. I am pleased to say that our athletes performed brilliantly and they do now have a 50 metre pool plus  much needed training facilities. Do I think in 5 years time the Olympic park will have turned in another dome, maybe but again I hope I'm proved wrong. Do I like LOWCOG and the way they decided to use musicians to play in the park without paying them or letting them promote their products? Of course not. However well done to the UK and well done to the amazingly hard working athletes who train so hard everyday.

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