Pickin' up many pieces...


          So I'm backstage at a festival wandering around killing time when I see Freddy V who I had seen  and heard play with The Average White Band last year.  I loved his use of space, time and his tone so I bought his cd which I enjoyed. I went over and introduced myself and told him I thought he and the band sounded great then carried on killing time (an unpleasant but major past time for a musician on a gig!)

  An hour later my MD came over to me and asked if I would like to play with AWB on Pick Up The PIeces!
 The next thing I know Freddy V is asking me if I know the tune to which I reply no! Over all the years of playing I have never had to play it and therefore had never learnt it.(This is not ok, as a sax player you should learn certain well known fab tunes, this is one of them) Freddy kindly didn't make a big deal about it and proceeded to teach me the tune. Anyways as you can see it went well even if I was a little embarrased about not knowing the tune. It was fantastic to be asked and to be able to play with people I really do admire. These guys have been around the world a few times and some!

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