Rob Hughes Quartet live @ Lower Ground Bar and Berlin

I had a good night at the Lower Ground Bar in West Hampstead. This bar is a basement bar which is labyrinth like once your in. The night featured the amazing talents of Roger Beaujolais on Vibraphone, rhythm section features Peter Ibbetson on drums and Henrick Jensen on Double bass. Below is on of Roger's tunes called Oregano.

     After the gig I went out to Berlin to play for Holly Johnson. It was hot and very humid! Since we are having such a miserable summer I actually enjoyed being hot! The concert went well and was well attended. I play Keyboards, Sax and Flute on this gig which is fun. I got to check out Roger Hodgson (ex Super-tramp) and his band. I loved the music and the way he featured his band. His sax player Aaron MacDonald was fantastic to watch as he played all saxes (well) and also played really good keyboards, melodica and had a great voice! Very talented guy. For me I love watching gigs that are real. What I mean by that is, what is played on the stage is then heard out front by the audience. A classic example of the opposite of this is the Beyonce concert. It looks fab but doesn't sound real. The problem being is that the performers are all talented but the producers don't want a 'real' sound so they mix the live brass in with recorded brass. The same happens to some of the other instruments which gives a very 'safe' over produced sound. Some people like this but it's not for me.

                         I am booked up to mix the tracks for my next album in August and ready to release the album at the Forge on October 26th so book your tickets now. The picture below is from the gig with Holly

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