19th June 2012

  I've recently been busy rehearsing with Holly Johnson. The video above shows a concert we recently played (I'm hidden away to the right on keys and sax). Holly Johnson was in a group called 'Frankie Goes To Hollywood' which had success in the 80's. I've enjoyed playing his material especially the above tune.

           I thought I’d add a blog as I’m finding this year very difficult.  Like the wars we managed to find are way into over the last 10 years, who really wants the Olympics? If it passes of without incident I will be very surprised. I know London will not cope with the amount of people. At present I avoid using the tube as much as possible and now ride my bike into town if I don’t need to carry my sax. It’s just you can’t trust public transport plus it’s not a pleasant experience. So add a few more million people and surprise surprise it’s going to unbearable. I have always enjoyed watching the Olympics from afar (on TV) happy in the knowledge that it’s not happening here and we are not the country that has spent millions on a firework display. Another (selfish) point is not a single musician I know has been booked as a result of this 2 week event. In fact I've heard from the MU that 'LOCOG' (this is the management group behind the olympics) are asking musicians to perform for free!  I hoped having this event happen in my country would generate work for people so that they could feel better about the past 5 years of huge council tax bills!

           I would be more than happy to have spent all the money we have spent on the infrastructure on our athletes and up and coming athletes and not on buildings that will soon become another Millenium dome. So please feel free to disagree and in a way I hope I’m proved wrong but common sense tells me for Londoners it’s going to be grim and for anyone watching on TV it will be glossed over and made to look like a success.

    Anyway I know this is probably not a poplular view but it's easy to go along with the majority and pretend but I cannot in this case.

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