Sri Lanka


I woke up last Monday morning after a big gig the night before thinking 'lie in'... oh yes. Then the phone rang...'Could you fly out to Sri Lanka tonight to play for Billy Ocean'. Result no lie in. In fact a lie seems to be a thing of the past I need to come to terms with. So I packed went to Heathrow, flew for 12 hours traveled to the venue in Columbo and played a gig with Billy (who is a very cool guy x 100!) We then went to the Hotel, ate a meal, slept then flew home the next day. I have to confess I was a little grouchy on the return flight. There is only so much flyinging I can take, I think it's a combination of not being on the ground plus being forced to be in a small tube with lots of people for hours on end.

                      Above you can see a video montage of the gig, I'm not sure about the TV companys sound my sax sounds like a chainsaw however it was a fab gig played to over 5000 people. Ok bedtime, no lie in expected.

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