South Africa


I flew out to Durban in South Africa in Feb to play for several different artists. It was fun but also lots of hard work as we had 3 days to rehearse with 9 artists! We then flew the next day and sound checked for 4 hours which was testing!. Luckily the weather was fab and on the first day it was very windy which kept me relatively cool. The next day was the gig which was hot with no wind! However the stage seemed to avoid direct sunlight throughout the day so that really helped. I placed a camera on the stage just as an experiment and above is what came out. I don't know if it's interesting or not but I thought you could let me a nice way!

           Anyway the concert went well with over 20,000 people attending also I managed to make it into the sea the next day which was so warm I loved it! You have to keep your wits about you in South Africa but without a doubt it's a beautiful country which I think is starting to move in the right direction.

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