Live at the Map Cafe in Kentish Town

The above video is from my first concert this year. As you can hear it's a preview of some of my new material which will be featured on my next album which I'm planning to record live at Pizza Express in April. The above tune is called 'I'm not being funny or anything' which is the phrase that seems to have replaced 'with all due respect'! I used the line as I always find it funny when someone starts a sentence with that phrase, they generally end up never being funny in anyway.

My good friend Zeeteah Massiah also sang a couple of beautiful tunes which the audience really loved. It felt really scary playing in such an intimate venue but on the other hand it was refreshing to be able to hear every instrument so clearly and also a joy to hear them in a non amplified way. Sometimes when I play in other situations after the first few notes have been played in a really loud sound check I can't help but think that we could all do this a lot better at half the volume, or am I just getting old?! Volume is something I need to look at to, when I hear my playing in full flow in this video I ought to drop the volume by a notch to hold onto my tone. It's an ongoing battle playing live and going for it but at the same time not blasting away your audience (and tone) by blowing too hard.

Anyway as I sit here the ground is covered in snow outside, which seems to be a common thing for the UK over the last few years. I look forward to pushing forward and recording new material and then taking that out and performing.  A big thank you goes out to Roger Beaujolais who has been so helpful and inspiring in his approach to preparing the music.

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