Summer 2011 Update & Online sessions

It's been a busy summer. I've only just found the time to start writing new music, when I'm not writing I really do miss it. I've been performing with various artists over the summer, Particular artists I really enjoyed working with were China Crisis, ABC and Holly Johnson (Frankie Goes To Hollywood). It looks like this might be happening again next month in Australia. The above video is a session I did over the summer. I thought it might be interesting to take a camera in to film it. Having posted it on this page I'm not too sure how interesting it is after all! However the reason I've put it on here is to let anyone reading know that I am available to record online. If you require any Flute, Calrinet or Sax please drop me an email.

It's been an strange August, I normally love this month in London as everyone leaves to go on holiday. London becomes so easy to get around and the place feels more chilled. How wrong could I be this August! London and the rest of the UK experienced what I would describe as summer madness where people decided to loot and burn down buildings! On a brighter note the London Experiment has a gig coming up on Wed 5th October at Boisdale in Canary Wharf, here's the link

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