Skype Lessons

I'm pleased to announce that I am now offering 45min skype lessons on Sax and Flute. All you need is a good internet connection and a place where you you won't be disturbed! If your interested get in touch via the contact page.


Summer 2011 Update & Online sessions

It's been a busy summer. I've only just found the time to start writing new music, when I'm not writing I really do miss it. I've been performing with various artists over the summer, Particular artists I really enjoyed working with were China Crisis, ABC and Holly Johnson (Frankie Goes To Hollywood). It looks like this might be happening again next month in Australia. The above video is a session I did over the summer. I thought it might be interesting to take a camera in to film it. Having posted it on this page I'm not too sure how interesting it is after all! However the reason I've put it on here is to let anyone reading know that I am available to record online. If you require any Flute, Calrinet or Sax please drop me an email.

It's been an strange August, I normally love this month in London as everyone leaves to go on holiday. London becomes so easy to get around and the place feels more chilled. How wrong could I be this August! London and the rest of the UK experienced what I would describe as summer madness where people decided to loot and burn down buildings! On a brighter note the London Experiment has a gig coming up on Wed 5th October at Boisdale in Canary Wharf, here's the link

Rob Hughes Quartet @ The Old Barge - Thurs 26th May

As you can see I had a great time playing a straight ahead gig again. I've been performing a lot of fusion recently which is cool but I have missed the open style of tunes like Dolphin Dance where it's possible to stretch out exploring a beautiful arrangement of chords. Playing this kind of jazz is like speaking a language, if everyone in the group knows the language the music can be so exciting. This is not one of my best videos visually, in fact I think at one point I am just staring at the camera unaware it's pointing in the wrong direction, but I have put it onto this page as I think we all performed the tune well. The musicians were Steve Creese - Drums ,Gavin Scott - Bass and Rick Laughln - Keys.


A clip of the London Experiment on Saturday 14th May. The last gig at the Posk was eventful for the wrong reasons but this gig turned out to be fab!

  • Henry Collins - Trumpet
  • Chris Webb - Bass
  • Rob Hughes - Sax
  • Rick Laughlin - Keys
  • Dexter Hercules - Drums
  • Ed Riches - Guitar

The Paul Carmichael Band

I had a great time on Friday play with the Paul Carmichael band. The music is hard to play but worth it as I think the band sounded great considering it was our first show. Anyway my next gig with these guys is on Monday 23rd May at the 606 which is the night Paul's album is released. You can find out more about Paul and his new album at

Fruit Loop

I thought I'd share a short video with you of me messing about with some flute looping ideas. Hope you enjoy.

We're all in it together?

I was asked to go on a recent trade union march with some friends to add music to the singing. It was a strange event for me as I arrived not really agreeing with the march. Cuts have to be made in this country and many others to protect our futures. Along the march a trumpet player joined in with us. He told us he was a music teacher in Rugby, and that most government instrument music teaching is to be cut in Rugby. The organization I was marching with were protesting against legal aid being cut. That evening I went to a friends birthday party where I spoke to someone who would not be touched by the cuts. He was middle class and wealthy and did not understand why anyone would disagree with cuts. I've come to the conclusion that we should all protest against the way this world is set up. The wealthy stay rich and as each country has to pay it's debts back the poor get poorer.

TLE @ 606

tle 606 poster

TLE @ Boaters



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